25 years of Science and Innovation

Fernando Gomes Martins

Senior Researcher

Coordinator of the research group Process Systems Engineering

Member of the Scientific Steering Committee

Academic position: Associate Professor (FEUP)

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • Multivariate Statistical Methods and Models.
  • Modelling, Simulation, Control and Optimization of Processes.
  • Software Sensors.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Air quality Modelling and Public Health
  • Prediction of Emissions from Ships

Selected Publications

Nunes RAO, Branco PTBS, Alvim-Ferraz MCM, Martins FG, Sousa SIV, “Gaseous Pollutants on Rural and Urban Nursey Schools in Northen PortugaL”, Environmental Pollution, 208(Part A), 2-15, 2016.

Branco PTBS, Alvim-Ferraz MCM, Martins FG, Sousa SIV, "Indoor Air Quality in Urban Nurseries at Porto City: Particulate Matter Assessment", Atmospheric Environment, 84, 133-143, 2014.

Gonçalves AL, Alvim-Ferraz MCM, Martins FG, Simões M, Pires JCM, “Integration of microalgae-based bioenergy production into a petrochemical complex: Techno-economic assessment”, Energies, 9, 224 (17 pages), 2016.

Costa DM, Melo LF, Martins FG, “Localization of Contamination Sources in Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Method Based on Successive Positive Readings of Sensor”, Water Resources Management, 27(13), 4623-4635, 2013.

Queiroz JA, Rodrigues VMS, Matos HA, Martins FG, “Modeling of Existing Cooling Towers in ASPEN PLUS using an Equilibrium Stage Method”, Energy Conservation and Management, 64, 473-481, 2012.

Selected Projects

Development of Mathematical Models for Estimating Physicochemical Properties of Fuel Oils based on NMR, Beginning: 2015, Duration: 12 months.

SECUREAU - Security and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination, Beginning: 2009, Duration: 48 months.

INAIRCHILD - Indoor Air Pollution on Nurseries and Primary Schools: Impact on Childhood Asthma, Ref: PTDC/SAU-SAP/121827/2010, Beginning: 2012, Duration: 36 months, Role: Researcher.


Email: fgmfe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 508 1974

Room: E116


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