25 years of Science and Innovation


Most of LEPABE’s laboratories and office spaces are located at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto (Chemical Engineering Department – 1000 m2, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department – 130 m2). In addition, there also laboratories at INESC TEC - 150 m2, UPTEC – Centro de Inovação – 200 m2, School of Engineering / Polytechnic of Porto – 200 m2, and the School of Technology and Management / Polytechnic of Viseu – 200 m2.


The laboratories of each Research Group of LEPABE include:


Processes, Product and Energy

Membrane Separations – E202


Processes Systems Engineering

Modelling and Simulation – E219

Magnetic Separation Processes – E304A


Supramolecular Assemblies

Nanotechnologies – E204A and E205

Proteins and Cristallization – E204B

Micro-encapsulation – E204C





BEL - Biofilm Engineering Lab – E007, E008 and E009

Marine and Food Biotechnology – F301


Environmental Sciences and Technologies

Environmental and Trace Analyses – E201, E106

Environmental Microbiology – E203

Water Treatment – E-146

Air Treatment – Pilot Plant R001

Multi-functional Reactors and Residues Valorization – F203, E-146

(1) Chemical Engineering Department (Building E);          (2) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department (Building F);

(3) Pilot Plant;          (4) INESC TEC;          (5) UPTEC TECH


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