25 years of Science and Innovation

José Manuel Sousa

Senior Researcher

Academic position: Assistant Professor (UTAD)

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • Membrane Reactors.
  • Modelling and Simulation.
  • Fuel Cells.

Selected Publications

Sousa, J. M., Mendes, A. “Simulating Catalytic Membrane Reactors Using Orthogonal Collocation with Spatial Coordinates Transformation” Jorunal of Membrane Science, (2004), 243, 283-292.

Andrade, L., Sousa, J. M., Ribeiro, H. A., Mendes, A. “Phenomenological modeling of dye-sensitized solar cells under transient conditions” Solar Energy, (2011), 85, 781-793.

Fernandes, M., Nobre, S., Qinghong, X., Carcel, C., Cachia, J. N., Cattoën, X., Sousa, J. M., Ferreira, R. A. S., Carlos, L. D., Santilli, C. V., Man, M. W. C., Bermudez, V.d. "Self-structuring of lamellar bridged silsesquioxanes with long side spacers” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (2011), 115, 10877-10891.

Abraão, A. S., Lemos, A. M., Vilela, A., Sousa, J. M., Nunes, F. M. “Influence of osmotic dehydration process parameters on the quality of candied pumpkins” Food and Bioproducts Processing, (2013), 91, 481-494.

Ribeirinha, P., Boaventura, M., Lopes, José Carlos B., Sousa, J. M., Mendes, A. “Study of different designs of methanol steam reformers: Experiment and modeling” Journal of Power Sources, (2014), 258, 122-128.


Email: jmsousafe.up.pt

Phone: +351 966534264

Room: E220


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