25 years of Science and Innovation

Romualdo Salcedo

Academic position: Invited Professor for research (retired since 2020)

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – McGill University, Canada

Major research topics

  • Design of Air Pollution Control Equipment.
  • Development of MINLP optimization algorithms.

Selected Publications

Alves, A., Paiva, J., Salcedo, R. "Cyclone optimization including particle clustering" Powder Technology, (2015), 272, 14-22.

Silva, H.G., Salcedo, R.R. "SIMOP: Application to global MINLP stochastic optimization" Chemical Engineering Science, (2011), 66(6), 1306-1321.

Paiva, J., Salcedo, R., Araújo, P "Impact of particle agglomeration in cyclones" Chemical Engineering Journal, (2010), 162(3), 861-876.

Silva, H.G., Salcedo, R.L.R. "A coupled strategy for the solution of NLP and MINLP optimization problems: Benefits and pitfalls"  Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, (2009), 48(21), 9611-9621.

Lima, R.M., Salcedo, R.L., Barbosa, D. "SIMOP: Efficient reactive distillation optimization using stochastic optimizers" Chemical Engineering Science, (2006), 61(5), 1718-1739.

Selected Projects


Email: rsalcedofe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 508 1644

Room: E223

Laboratory: E205

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