25 years of Science and Innovation

Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo

Senior Researcher


Academic position: Professor Emeritus

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – University of Swansea, United Kingdom

Major research topics

  • Process Systems Engineering.
  • Instrumentation and control.
  • Management of Higher Education and Research Policies.
  • Bologna Process and Engineering Education with emphasis on Chemical Engineering Education.

Selected Publications

von Stosch, M., Oliveira, R., Peres, J., Feyo de Azevedo, S. "Hybrid semi-parametric modeling in process systems engineering: Past, present and future" Computers and Chemical Engineering, (2013), 60, 86-101.

von Stosch, M., Oliveira, R., Peres, J., Feyo De Azevedo, S. "A general hybrid semi-parametric process control framework" Journal of Process Control, (2012), 22(7), 1171-1181.

Georgieva, P., Feyo De Azevedo, S. "Document Neural networks for model predictive control", Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, (2011), 6033208, 111-118.

Paz Suárez, L.A., Georgieva, P., Feyo de Azevedo, S. "Nonlinear MPC for fed-batch multiple stages sugar crystallization" Chemical Engineering Research and Design, (2011), 89(6), 753-767.

von Stosch, M., Oliveira, R., J, P., de Azevedo, S.F. "Hybrid semi-parametric modeling of biological systems: Application to spectroscopic data for the estimation of concentrations" Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, (2010), 28(C), 1021-1026.


Email: sfeyo@fe.up.pt


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